Maintain Function Documentation Link

Refer tFunction: StellaTools.AutoTestBox.UI.RegisteredFunctions.MaintainDocLink
Refer tFunction: StellaTools.AutoTestBox.UI.Wizard.Wizard.PromptDocLink

Give your team one place to share, find, and collaborate on information they need to get work done. 

  •  Why not document you CA Plex functions in intranet content management system such as Sharepoint or Confluence
  • If you change the scope or function name of a registered function in your group model you can change the name accordingly here instead of running the Stub Wizard again
  • During Step3 of the Stub wizard process you are given the opportunity to add a URL associated with a function. This prompt panel 'Link to Technical Documentation' can be hidden if not applicable for a site.
See StellaWiz.INI to enable or disable prompt panel 'Link to Technical Documentation' 
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