Maintain Model Configuration



Refer to Function: StellaTools.AutoTestBox.UI.Abstract._MaintainModelConfig

Almost every test & object saved to ATB is stamped with the current model configuration whether this be registering a function or creating a new test step. 

Where as within CA Plex there is three independent configuration control systems:
 Configuration Terminology

CA Plex has three independent and complementary configuration control systems:

  • Versions are used to control changes in the functionality of an application over time.

  • Variants are used to control the implementation of an application in different hardware and software environments.

  • National languages are used to control the translation of an application into different languages (French, Spanish, English, and so on).

Within ATB the combination of a these three systems and group model name is used as the configuration stamp.

The idea behind this is to support multiple releases of a function

Data Entry

  • Grid displays all known configurations registered to ATB. Double click the grid row to select which ever configuration you want the current ATB session to run under
  • Model / Variant / Version / Language / Level auto filled by model api prompt button OR manually entered. Please note Case Sensitive
  • Runtime DLL Directory stores the the windows folder where during a test run a function's stub can be found for a particular registered configuration. This allows a function's interface to change over releases but still be tested by having its interface changes registered under different configs 
  • Model Config Precedence is required to distinguish in what order the listed configurations should be treated at test runtime. If two interfaces for a function have been registered it is required we know which config takes precedence at runtime so the correct stub can be invoked
  • Location ID allows you to specify which remote server location to use for a configuration
  • Background Colour allows you to specify a colour border for each config as a reminder when within the ATB application what config you are currently working at.