Edit Test Data UI

Refer to Function: StellaTools.AutoTestBox.UI.Abstract._GridTestDataDefault


Central to ATB application and Stub Wizard is the ability to maintain the input/output data while testing the result. This resulted in a pattern (StellaTools.AutoTestBox.UI.Abstract._GridTestDataDefault) that will become very familiar to you and forms the basis for editing RecordOne and test data.
  • Editable Grid consisting of 3 row types
    • Group Variable
    • Variable
    • Fields
  • 7 columns
    • Column1 (unnamed) - Full scoped name of row entries
    • Map? - (Not visible in above screen shot) Single value combo box with modified event to trigger StellaTools.AutoTestBox.UI.Selector.MapInputFromOutput if 'Map' value selected
    • Input Value - Runtime value to be passed during a test step. Prompt-able by F4 or double click to Select Field Value
    • Output Value - At runtime the predicted value to test (using the specified test operator) against the Actual Output Value. Prompt-able by F4 or double click to Select Field Value 
    • Output Test Operator - A combo box containing 9 operators to make the true or false comparison between the expected 'Output Value' and the 'Actual Output Value'
    • Output Value Actual - (Not visible in above screen shot) A read only field which will display the recorded actual returned value during tests and form the basis for the comparison of actual vs expected.
    • Column7 (unnamed) - Field format (Type, Length, Decimal places)

The order of the variable groups, variables and their fields are not representative of the actual order at which they would have to be specified had you needed to API the function


  1. Input Value is made editable for Input and Dual fields and protected for Output/Returns fields. Value 'Not Applicable'