AutoTestBox Stub Wizard Overview

Problem:We need to record a function's interface (including at different versions/levels) so that at runtime saved and dynamic input can be passed from the ATB database to the test function and the test functions output parameters saved for later comparison.

Solution: Perfect world would have required no stub creation but to achieve this ATB application would need to call your test function dynamically passing and recording parameters. Most CA Plex sites have achieved this with functions with NO parameters and only one language but imagine supporting parameters and many languages. Secondly in order to record a CA Plex functions interface it should be possible one day to use only Model API to interrogate the model but at the time Model API was not mature enough (this should help thou once the kinks have been ironed out PLEXAPI ENUMOBJATTRIBUTES AND ENUMSAFEARRAYOBJATTRIBUTES.)

So why not harness the ability of CA Plex WinC clients functions to call the different platforms. Create a WinC function for every test function which will fulfill two roles:
  • Registration (Step3 of the Wizard). Called by the wizard after the wizard it self has created it in the local model, then gen and built it. then calls it in registration mode to record the scoping functions (your test function) interface to the ATB database.
  • During Test runs ATB application will dynamically call a test function's scoped stub function which will itself make sure to fetch the correct data from ATB database and pass the input data to its scoper function (your test function) and to record the output back to the ATB database.

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