Error Handling

There is comprehensive Call Checking based on Websydian Writing Solid Code

But Terminating after an error can prove very annoying after 4 hours and a process nearing its finish for example.

And initially when export or searching your application models you will find particular objects that cause problems (maybe permissions) and need attention such as a Topic Object can be real but the Large Property not created which returns an error if in a Library model (you are prompted to choose UIM or RTF but model api reports this an error, incidentally both Diagrams and Topics do this but have workarounds in the tools in order not to stop the process)

So per application there is an INI file setting to allow you to deal with Returned Status Messages. Initially you may want to report all errors but to continue with the process but as your application model(s) settle you can choose Dialog Message with Terminate.

  • OK - Option allows you to continue...but depending on the Error the application may still go bang. 
  • Terminate - Allows you to end a process. Useful after seeing a message for the twentieth time and you can see what is wrong with out having to see any more. 
  • Standard Dialog - Sets the tool's INI file to be Dialog Messages 
  • Plex Log - Sets the tool's INI file to be Plex Log Messages 
Remembering the following INI file setting enables you to run your application suppressing the client side messages:

[Message box]
Always log= True
AS400connection= False
Log file = c:\temp\log.txt