Created for Search Large Properties to display in full the found large properties but can also be used as a separate Add-In to:
  • To compare large properties between versions/levels
  • Investigate Panel issues like duplicate variables
  • Check the length of messages particularly useful as AS400 messages have a 256 restriction

"Edit" large properties is restricted to host model Topics, Messages, Source Code, Label, Value objects as allowing editing of Panels, Functions, Reports, Diagrams was felt to be too risky outside of CA Plex IDE.

An Enhancement Request has been submitted (20034239-1: RUN ASSOCIATED EDITOR) to CA for a new model api method to run the associated object editor but we will have to wait and see on that one.


Adding Stella Tools as Add-Ins

This allows you to launch the tools from CA Plex. For Object Browser Integration the client application must be registered as a Plex Add-In with certain macros used to specify how the selected objects are to be passed in as parameters.

$ObjRef -  Substitutes the internal references to the selected object which is the recommended macro for Model API clients written with Plex itself. See Add_Add-In_Dialog.htm

Once the Add-In is completed including a macro parameter the application becomes available only via the right context menu of the Object Browser and now Dependency Browser (1706: PLEX GPF WITH ADD-INS SUPPORT WITH DEPENDECY BROWSER)


Remembering you can use the windows context menu by right button clicking the multi line edit control


And by toggling the Show Full Large Property check box you can view only the local modifications to the object, in this example a function shells action diagram code in full above and below the local modifications