Create List from Export File - Overview

Increasingly the Plex community have used Source Control tools such as WinMerge, Concurrent Versions System, MKS Source, Subversion, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe to supplement CA Plex existing change management procedures, secondly your application models saved in text format provides a useful resource to conduct impact analysis or search functionality. 
But what happens when you have identified change and have a list of text files in your third party tool? How do you then work with them in the Plex IDE with out manually cross referencing the list and object browser which can be boring to say the least but open to human error. Well if you have exported the large properties using Stella’s tool you can also create a list in your local from the result of a third party analysis.

Adding Stella Tools as Add-Ins

This allows you to launch the tools within CA Plex. From Tools, Edit Add-Ins, select “New Add-IN”.


Launch application from Plex tool bar. If you are unable to see the Add-In toolbar from View, Toolbars… menu option choose Show toolbar.

Import Criteria Entry

  1. Language Sys combo box: Allows you to only append to your list objects that match the implementation language you have restricted on in your local model under the current configuration. 
  2. Object Generatable? Check box: Allows you to only append to your list objects that are currently generatable in your local model under the current configuration. 
  3. Append to Existing List? Check box: Allows the creation of the list without going to the separate Create Plex List panel where you can append the imported objects to an existing list 
  4. FullPath edit box: Enter the directory you have saved your query text files. These file's extensions are temporarily renamed .XXX while they are processed, if any objects are not found in the local model a Plex log message is recorded. 
  5. Press OK button or Enter button and text file names are used to search the local model to see if the objects exist in the host or attached libraries, If found they are passed to the Create Plex List panel if Append to Existing List? Checkbox is checked, if not checked the objects are appended to a new list there and then. 
  6. Results 

Finally a List View displays the Summary of Plex Objects 

  1. Each possible Large Property object is displayed with a summary of how many of the that type were encountered within the query directory and secondly how many of these were added to your list depending on your import criteria chosen. This example shows there were 3 function large properties encountered and all 3 passed the filter criteria and were added to your list. 
  2. 1 panel large property was found in your query directory and was added to your list. 
  3. No value large properties were found in the query directory and therefore no value objects were added to your list. 
  4. Two diagram large properties were found but none were added to your list as presently a diagram object can not be a target of a list object. 
  5. Any object details how many objects in total were found in the query directory, in this case 10, and how many of these objects were added to the list, in this case 9. 
  6. If any objects were not found in your local model then a total is displayed.