Document Object Overview

You want to add descriptive text (record notes and explanations for yourself and other developers) about any CA Plex object but have found the native object narrative facility too limiting, then this tool could be for you:

Refer to Function: StellaTools.Tools.UI.DocumentObject


Windows7 & Vista Directory security improvements since XP has meant you must make sure permissions of Read & Write must be enabled for Stella Tools installation directory and in this case the Document directory.

Register ActiveX

A free XHTML WYSIWYG Editor ActiveX provided by has been used and therefore XStandard.ocx must be registered on your PC. If you have difficulties manually registering from the command line (use admin privileges) then you can always install the XStandard Lite version

Adding Add-In

This allows you to launch the tool from CA Plex. For Object Browser Integration the client application must be registered as a Plex Add-In with certain macros used to specify how the selected objects are to be passed in as parameters.
$ObjRef -  Substitutes the internal references to the selected object which is the recommended macro for Model API clients written with Plex itself. See Add_Add-In_Dialog.htm

Once the Add-In is completed including a macro parameter the application becomes available only via the right context menu of the Object Browser and now Dependency Browser (1706: PLEX GPF WITH ADD-INS SUPPORT WITH DEPENDECY BROWSER)    



Replacement Markers

StellaDocObj.ini file settings

[StellaTools Options]

;Dir must also contain Template folder eg C:\StellaTools\Objects\PlexObjectDoc\Template