Fundamental Idea

The PatternFactory patterns are small and compact Plex class libraries, including class objects of high using comfort for developers and users, with highest possible flexibility and independence of existing classes, but without limitations. It should be possible to primarily use the classes by external settings (inheriting, replacing, scoped messages and field values). Mandatory amendments to the action diagram should be kept to an absolute minimum. The generated code should be optimized and compact without unnecessary instructions (no overhead).


Class library with common objects used by all main class libraries.


Multifunctional edit function in one simple dialog window to be able create, change, delete, copy and display database entries from one function.


Displays a simple tree view for several entities with no additional default functionality, using ActiveX Tree view. A class to build individually composable context menus to allow subfunctions to be called completes this class library.
Several class variants can be derived from this base: Standalone tree browser with context menu, Tree view within splitter windows, Tree view as child panel within parent window.


Multifunctional edit function with tabs to be able to create, change, delete, copy and display database entries from one function.


Edit text in multiline field, but store in db as text file with fixed text line length.

ZOP1/JournalizedDb (Edge History)

Journalized Database - Pattern to enable logging of all changes processed by an application in specified database tables. The user can activate the logging individually for each database table. In addition it may be specified whether the db change should be notified for the instance as a whole only or in full detail for every changed field.

Following is an edited version of 2003 Edge Conference 'PatternFactory In Action' session which can be found in the zip download under documents


  • The CA Pattern class library
    • Incomplete
    • Complicated
    • Laborious
    • All in all unsatisfying
    • CA Plex can do more!
  • So create your own patterns!
  • Needed a better tool to help me giving advice.
  • Not that easy, especially not for newcomers

How? Refer to Downloads - PatternFactory.Zip

  • Needed a pattern library 
    • Easy to use
    • Comfortable
    • Complete
    • Flexible in its implementation
    • And rapid to use


  • Normally one library for each pattern 
  • All class objects held together in one entity
  • Easy to read object structure
  • Coding rules
    • Use of subroutines and showing their origin
    • Commenting rules
    • The resulting code should be neat and lean
  • User documentation in narratives
  • Delivery

Implementation Approach

  • Read to use
  • Use the PatternFactory classes as is OR build your entity pattern
  • Open for your own adjustments or extensions

Conclusion Refer to Downloads - PatternFactory.Zip

  • CA Plex has much more potential than might be known.
  • It depends a lot on the patterns you use.
  • Helps saving your time.