CA Plex compiled objects are deployed to many platforms and it would be wholly unfair to assume that CA Plex should manage this deployment. There are dedicated Change Management & Deployment tools that have integrated with CA Plex with True integration may be a step too far but with the introduction of Model API and especially Plex Macros for Add ins the possibilities have increased.

Introducing a New Interface to Remain's TDS/OMS product

Remain TDS/OMS does have an existing interface created with Synobsys Nederland B.V. in 1999 and was a smart solution at the time involving packages built as 'Model Extract Functions' which were then compiled. Once imported into TD/OMS using a separate licensed interface the objects were then available.

The Challenge

How does a 3rd party tool know what objects you want to manage? A developer will know what objects but how does he alert the 3rd party tool to this?

In general a 3rd party tool will have a repository in which it records objects it has been told about and some sort of Fix/Task/Project/Request/Time based application. An integration solution at its most basic would need to Insert/Update the repository of the compiled objects and allow the developers to associate/connect selected objects to a selected Fix/Task/Project/Request.

I also suggest integration does not mean duplication, the solution should not start to duplicate the 3rd parties own application's functionality.

The Solution

I propose a CA Plex developer will be very familiar with the CA Plex Object Browser and would like to use it to orchestrate which objects are to be managed by a 3rd party tool. Ideally the CA Plex IDE would support traditional OLE drag and drop to 3rd party but with this unsupported creating a Model API application in between the CA Plex IDE and the 3rd party is the next best solution.

In the case of CM First's Matchpoint Product it offers in my opinion the closest integration to CA Plex possible aided by the fact it is written in CA Plex and so no need for the intermediate Model API dialog.

With Softlanding's Turnover (originally written in CA Plex) and Remain's TD/OMS both being Eclipse based, wouldn't it be nice (well we can dream) to make the CA Plex IDE into Eclipse.